Our Airstream Catering Trailers for Sale

Buy a catering trailer and get into business from just £5,950 plus VAT, our stock runs from 2.2 mtr units suitable for a single server thorough to 3.8 mtr units for 3-4 staff.

If you’re searching for classic airstream trailers for Sale, you’ve come to the right place! Rolling Stock specialises in all things to do with trailers, from mobile bar hire to large catering trailers. We have trailers for every event, whether you need to buy one for full-time use or if you would like to hire one for corporate events. Our vintage airstreams are for everyone to use.

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2.5 mtr lightweight towable




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3.8 mtr towable

Catering Trailers for Sale - Quick Facts

Our Airstream Catering Trailers for Sale

Superior Quality

Our popular trailers are perfectly equipped for all your catering needs. You’ll be able to find your perfect catering trailer in whatever size, shape or colour you desire. Sinks, fridge and hatch; our trailers have it all. 


Choice of Sizes

Here are some of our wonderful trailers:

Horseshoe Box Trailer

These petite trailers make the perfect mobile bars for weddings, parties and events. You can fit up to three members of staff in this surprisingly spacious trailer.  This means you can get all the help you need in your catering space. What’s more, these trailers are powerful because they hold up to 32amp of power, so you’re sure to never run out of power.

Choice of Sizes

For your larger catering roles, choose our larger catering trailers. You can hold up to 4 members of serving staff, and it holds up to 64 amps of power. This trailer is excellent for larger jobs at big events.

Here for your Corporate Events and Private Events

Our vintage airstreams are for everyone. Whether you would like to hire them for business purposes or for private hire, you can count on us to deliver your new trailer. 


If you’re a business and you would like to buy an airstream trailer for corporate events, contact us today. Our airstreams are perfect for small and large businesses because they’re white-labelled. This means you can easily advertise your business on our airstreams. Here at Rolling Stock, we’re here to help you get your business out there. 


Our trailers are also used for private hire for occasions such as weddings and parties. These trailers are sure to make your private parties memorable and enjoyable.


Why Hire With Us

Our airstream hire service is simple and easy. When you choose from our collection of trailers, you’re sure to find the perfect match. We provide the best trailers in the UK and London at the best prices. So, contact us today for your new trailer.

What's Included?


2.5 mtr
  • Ideal for coffee, snacks, bar, bringing style to any event
  • Space for two fridges or fridge and freezer
  • Utility sink with mixer tap and handwash sink with sensor tap, plenty of hot water
  • Option for bar shelves
  • Recessed LED lighting throughout
  • Seven double sockets and a high power outlet for commercial coffee machine or other appliances


3.8 mtr
  • A premium bar / catering trailer designed for a wide range of mobile catering offers
  • 64 amp circuits with 7 double sockets and a high power outlet for commercial coffee machines
  • Suitable for gas griddle and fryer with optional extractor
  • Flexible fridge and freezer options
  • Double sink with hot and cold water, sensor hand wash
  • 60 litre on-board water storage

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