Our Catering Trailers for Sale

Buy a catering trailer and get into business from just £5,950 plus VAT, our stock runs from 2.2 mtr units suitable for a single server thorough to 3.8 mtr units for 3-4 staff.

If you’re thinking of buying a mobile bar or catering trailer, you’re making the right decision. Catering trailers provide a simple and easy way for caterers to promote and provide their business to customers. However, it’s important that you buy your catering trailer from a trusted seller.


That’s why you should choose Rolling Stock to provide you with a catering trailer. Our catering trailers are equipped with the best catering units and provide efficient power so you know you can rely on your trailer.

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More stock at the end of July

2.5 mtr with plenty of space for two serving staff




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Stock expected at the end of July

3.8 mtr with space for 3-4 serving staff

Catering Trailers for Sale - Quick Facts

Our Catering Trailers for Sale

Superior Quality

Rolling Stock provides the best mobile bar and catering trailers in the UK. We work with our partners in China to deliver our customer’s bespoke trailers that are installed with reliable units. Our vintage-style trailers are sure to get anyone’s attention, so you can attract more customers when you buy one of our stylish trailers.

Here at Rolling Stock, our catering trailers come in different sizes and prices. Our trailers range from 2.2 metres to 3.8 metres, all stainless steel with fibreglass. So, you can be flexible when you buy a catering trailer with us.


Safe and Practical

There are many reasons why people buy catering trailers, and some of the considerations are safety and practicality. 


When operating your own food business, you must take into consideration gas safety and electrical safety. When you buy one of our mobile catering units, you don’t have to worry about these things. The catering equipment is already installed for you, so you can focus on creating your food. All our stock trailers come with professional electrical circuits, double sinks, hot and cold water, and, depending on the model, plenty of refrigeration (at least 32 amp, up to 64 amp, and 3-phase).


What’s more, when you have your own mobile catering unit, you can take your business anywhere at any time, no matter the weather. That’s why we offer light and compact trailers that can be towed away by most cars. 

Custom Built Catering Trailers for Sale

Here at Rolling Stock, we provide custom-built catering trailers if you have specific requirements. We will work with you to get your dream catering trailer. You can discuss getting a specially-made trailer with us and expect it in about 90 days. All units come with an Alko tow hitch, brakes, and running gear, and they are registered for UK and EU road use.


We’re big on flexibility because we know your catering trailer is your business, so you want the best. That’s why we have a range of sizes and colours so you can find your perfect match!


Why Choose Us?

Our catering trucks are made from the highest quality and at competitive prices. We have a close connection with our Chinese manufacturing partners, who have invested significantly in a cutting-edge manufacturing facility that adheres to the strictest quality standards. Even though our trailers are manufactured abroad, our specifications are tailored to the UK market.

Why should you choose us for your catering trailer? The advantages are clear. Our trailers offer exceptional quality, comprehensive warranty options and unparalleled customer support. Additionally, we understand the importance of competitive pricing. At Rolling Stock, we’re all about quality that won’t break the bank.

You can be confident that you’re getting the best when you buy a catering trailer with us. Give us a call or email us today.

About Us

Rolling Stock has been a vital cog in the catering trailer industry. With an emphasis on both price and quality, we have always aimed to serve your specific needs, whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or a bustling catering company.

Our commitment to quality isn’t just talk; we collaborate with manufacturing partners in China who adhere to stringent quality control measures. This international collaboration allows us to bring you products crafted to the highest standards.

Safety and Regulations

Our trailers don’t just look good; they meet all safety and regulatory standards. From gas to electrical compliance, you can rest assured your trailer will tick every box when it comes to safety regulations. What’s more, our trailers are built with durable, long-lasting materials to ensure optimal performance.

What's Included?


2.5 mtr
  • Ideal for coffee, snacks, bar, bringing style to any event
  • Space for two fridges or fridge and freezer
  • Utility sink with mixer tap and handwash sink with sensor tap, plenty of hot water
  • Option for bar shelves
  • Recessed LED lighting throughout
  • Seven double sockets and a high power outlet for commercial coffee machine or other appliances


3.8 mtr
  • A premium bar / catering trailer designed for a wide range of mobile catering offers
  • 64 amp circuits with 7 double sockets and a high power outlet for commercial coffee machines
  • Suitable for gas griddle and fryer with optional extractor
  • Flexible fridge and freezer options
  • Double sink with hot and cold water, sensor hand wash
  • 60 litre on-board water storage

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This price and service guide shows how the pricing works, for a firm quote please fill out the enquiry form below or call 0808 145 8488
, or email us at sales@rolling.team. *Prices exclude delivery and VAT, for a firm quote please fill out the enquiry form or call 0808 196 5648, or email us at sales@rolling.team

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How do I maintain my trailer?

Thanks to our trailers’ stainless steel construction, cleaning is a breeze. Just a quick wash and wipe-down will have your catering trailer looking great.

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for! Once you’ve placed an order, rest assured the delivery process is a well-oiled machine. Our team ensures that your brand-new trailer arrives in mint condition and is strategically placed right where you need it.

When we say we craft custom trailers, we mean it. From the floor layout to the colour scheme, share your unique requirements, and our expert team will get to work on a trailer that’s a mirror reflection of your needs.

We offer trailers in a variety of dimensions, ranging from compact 2.2-metre units for the lone wolf to spacious 3.8-metre trailers for those who need an entire team. With us, you pay for what you need and nothing more—no hidden costs, no wasted space.

If you’re still pondering your decision or have additional questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our team is always on standby to provide the answers you need and guide you towards the best choice for your business. For more information, dial 0808 145 8488.