Stand-Out Mobile Bar and Food Trailer Rental for your Outdoor Event

Our bar and food rental trailers are expertly set up for a variety of uses, from champagne bars to any light catering roles for a variety of occasions. When you hire our stylish mobile catering trailers, you are sure to liven up any event.

Available Trailers

Converted Horsebox

For 2-3 serving staff with a 32 amp power supply

Vintage Styled Trailers

For 3-4 serving staff with a 64 amp power supply

Bar and Catering Trailers
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Essential Notes for Drink and Food Trailer Rental

Our Food Trailers

The appearance of your trailer adds to the flavour and flair of the overall catering trailer experience. Here at Rolling Stock, we have a range of trailers to choose from to fit your style and size of staff.

Our vintage trailers are the perfect fit for whatever event. The aesthetic look of this trailer will have loads of people lining up for your delicious food! What’s more, these chic trailers can hold 3 to 4 members of serving staff, so it’s perfect for big get-togethers where you need all hands on deck. You also don’t need to worry about power with these vans because they have a whopping 64-amp power supply.


We have the perfect horsebox trailers for you if you’re searching for a smaller trailer. Our compact converted horsebox trailers are professionally fitted for practicality and ease. Additionally, our trailers can hold 2 to 3 members of serving staff. However, don’t be fooled by this trailer’s small size, as it holds a 32-amp power supply! So, you know you can focus on whipping up your exquisite food while using this trailer.

The best part about our trailers is that they’re white-labelled! This means you can promote your own business on our trailers to advertise your brand.

Quality Fitted Units

Rolling Stock catering trailers are expertly built to the highest standards and are skillfully adapted to match any bar or light catering job. Simply plug in any 240-volt standard kit you require to operate your bar or catering service.


We offer both horsebox trailers and bigger, newly built, 3.8-meter vintage-styled trailers. These practical trailers with have # more interior space, twin serving hatches, and more amenities.


Our trailers come equipped with shelves, storage, double sinks, hot and cold water supply, plenty of refrigeration, polished beech or stainless steel worktops, and commercial-grade electrical circuits. All services are clean electric; neither the installation nor use of gas appliances is permitted.


We will also provide you with a range of supporting catering equipment upon request!

Pricing Guide

*Prices exclude delivery and VAT, for a firm quote please fill out the enquiry form or call 0808 145 8488, or email us at

Converted Horsebox Trailers

2.8 Metre
£395Three Day Hire £120 – per additional day
  • Workspace
    2.8 mtrs
  • Recommended Staffing
  • Electrical Capacity
    Multiple 13 amp sockets 32 amp total capacity

  • Serving Hatches
  • Refrigeration
    Display and utility fridges
  • Water Capacity
    25 ltrs

Vintage Styled Trailers

3.8 Metre
£625Three Day Hire £180 – per additional day
  • Workspace
    2.8 mtrs
  • Recommended Staffing
    Max 3-4
  • Electrical Capacity
    Multiple 13 amp sockets on two circuits, 64 amp total capacity. One 3-phase circuit
  • Serving Hatches
  • Refrigeration
    Display fridge and combi fridge / freezer
  • Water Capacity
    80 ltrs

Contact Us Today and Enquire

Regardless of if you want to hire our catering trailers for business needs or for events with friends and family, Rolling Stock has the catering trailer for you. We provide an efficient delivery service as we deliver the trailer to your site, so you can skip the hassle of picking it up. Additionally, our trailers are cleaned and thoroughly inspected before being delivered to you, so you’ll be able to enjoy the trailers to the fullest.


If you would like to hire a catering trailer with Rolling Stock, give us a call today.

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