Professional Mobile Bar Hire in London

London is home to a plethora of outdoor and indoor events. Whether they are corporate events or private events, London has them all. That being said, the city is a great place to offer your amazing bar services. What better way to deliver your bar service than with our mobile bar hire in London?

Available Trailers

Converted Horsebox

For 2-3 serving staff with a 32 amp power supply

Vintage Styled Trailers

For 3-4 serving staff with a 64 amp power supply

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Our Horsebox Mobile Bar Hire in London

Who Can Hire Our Mobile Bars?

Here at Rolling Stock, our vintage mobile bars are available for everyone. Whether you’re in need of commercial bar hire or private bar hire, we have the trailer for you.

If you are a bar and catering business in need of a mobile bar, contact us at Rolling Stock. We are passionate about delivering our mobile bars to London business owners in the catering industry. We’re here to help you expand your business with our mobile bars. That’s why all of our mobile bars and trailers are white-labelled. So, you can advertise your business on our mobile bars and get your name out there.

Alternatively, you can hire our mobile bars even if you aren’t a business. Rolling Stock offers private bar hire for weddings, engagements and any other special occasion with your loved ones. They’re the perfect addition to your family get-togethers and garden parties!


Our Horsebox Trailer

Our well-known horsebox mobile trailer is made with bartending and light catering in mind. It’s the perfect trailer for serving drinks and can fit two to three bartenders, allowing you to serve as many customers as you can.

Our Vintage Style Trailer

If you require extra room for your bar service, check out our larger catering trailers. Three to four bartenders can comfortably sit in these vintage beauties, and it has a total of 64amp capacity, so you can do more than just bartending.

Why Choose us for your Mobile Bar Services

When you hire our mobile bar, you can be sure that it will be brought to you in immaculate condition, both inside and out. What’s more, our mobile bars feature the most recent technology so you can efficiently get on with your bar services.

Our mobile bars are sure to get you the positive attention you desire with their stunning, vintage exterior. That’s why they’re so popular amongst London businesses and residents alike – you just can’t look away from them!

If you would like to hire one of our gorgeous mobile bars, contact Rolling Stock today.

Which Trailer Is Right for You?

Are you ready to select the perfect mobile bar for your event? At Rolling Stock, we offer an array of trailers, each with distinct features to cater to varying event requirements. This way, you have options to ensure your needs are accommodated comprehensively. Let’s explore our Converted Horsebox and Vintage Styled Trailers to help you decide which one aligns best with your event’s needs.

Are you planning an intimate gathering or a medium-sized outdoor event in London? Our Converted Horsebox Trailer could be your ideal match. It’s an excellent fit for vibrant settings, such as a family reunion, a birthday party or an office get-together. You need a mobile bar that’s compact enough to fit into a smaller space yet equipped to handle a lively crowd.


Our 2.8-meter Converted Horsebox Trailer offers just that. With a workspace of 2.8 meters, it’s designed for efficiency and ease, comfortably accommodating 2 to 3 staff members. This size is perfect for events where you expect a steady flow of guests but don’t need an extensive setup.


The electrical capacity, with multiple 13-amp sockets providing up to 32 amps, ensures that your blenders, fridges, and lights run smoothly without a hitch.


And speaking of fridges, it comes equipped with both display and utility fridges, ideal for showcasing a variety of beverages and keeping your ingredients fresh. With a water capacity of 25 litres, it’s sufficient for most day-long events, taking care of your drink preparation and cleaning needs without constant refills.

Now, let’s shift gears to something larger. Imagine you’re hosting a high-profile corporate event, a large wedding or a major community festival in London. You need a mobile bar that not only serves a larger crowd but also adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to your event.


Enter our 3.8-meter Vintage Styled Trailer. This is where a larger workspace, more powerful electrical capacity and enhanced refrigeration come into play. With a workspace of 3.8 meters, it’s tailored for events where a team of 3 to 4 staff members are needed to keep up with the demand. 


The electrical setup is robust, featuring multiple 13-amp sockets on two circuits and a total capacity of 64 amps, plus a 3-phase circuit. This is essential for events that require more elaborate bar setups or where multiple high-powered appliances are in use.


The refrigeration facilities in this trailer are a step up, with a display fridge and a combo fridge/freezer, providing more versatile options for storing a wider range of beverages and perishables. And with an 80-litre water capacity, it’s built to cater to the needs of larger events without the worry of running short on water supply.

Choosing Your Ideal Trailer

Your choice between our Converted Horsebox and Vintage Styled Trailers hinges on the scale and style of your event. For smaller, more intimate gatherings, the Horsebox Trailer’s compactness and efficiency are unparalleled. But when your event scale tips towards larger, more elaborate gatherings, the Vintage Styled Trailer’s enhanced capacity and sophistication make it the go-to option.


Remember, the right trailer not only meets your functional needs but also aligns with the aesthetic and ambiance of your event. Whether it’s the rustic charm of the Converted Horsebox or the classic elegance of the Vintage Styled Trailer, we ensure your mobile bar becomes a highlight of your event in London.

For a precise quote and to discuss which trailer fits your event best, reach out to us on 0808 145 8488 or email Let’s make your event a memorable one with the perfect Rolling Stock mobile bar!

Pricing Guide

*Prices exclude delivery and VAT, for a firm quote please fill out the enquiry form or call 0808 145 8488, or email us at

Converted Horsebox Trailers

2.8 Metre
£395Three Day Hire £120 – per additional day
  • Workspace
    2.8 mtrs
  • Recommended Staffing
  • Electrical Capacity
    Multiple 13 amp sockets 32 amp total capacity

  • Serving Hatches
  • Refrigeration
    Display and utility fridges
  • Water Capacity
    25 ltrs

Vintage Styled Trailers

3.8 Metre
£625Three Day Hire £180 – per additional day
  • Workspace
    2.8 mtrs
  • Recommended Staffing
    Max 3-4
  • Electrical Capacity
    Multiple 13 amp sockets on two circuits, 64 amp total capacity. One 3-phase circuit
  • Serving Hatches
  • Refrigeration
    Display fridge and combi fridge / freezer
  • Water Capacity
    80 ltrs

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a mobile bar for my event in London?

Easy! Give us a call on 0808 145 8488 or email us, and we’ll guide you through the process.

Absolutely! Our trailers are designed to easily accommodate your corporate image.

For more detailed enquiries or further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on 0808 145 8488. Our dedicated team at Rolling Stock is always on standby to make your catering trailer hire experience as smooth and rewarding as possible.